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What Client's Say about Loryann

"It’s changed my life. Thank you so much for helping me along in my journey in life."

"Loryann is always “present” in session , has a soothing manner and seems “meant” for this kind of work. I have recommended her to many."

"I am truly lucky to work with Loryann who is not only a coworker, but a teacher. Her commitment to learning, compassion for the people she works with, creativity and sense of humor make her an excellent therapist. Her enthusiasm for helping people to form healthy relationships is something I recognize and have always valued as most important." ~ Chrysta Rose

"Loryann gave us the strength & trust in ourselves to connect with each other. Without her, we would have lost the love that brought us together." ~ JK

"That I can take care of myself, my fears, my past…and in fact already have. I just needed to make the move and become aware of my own inner strength and power." ~ TP

"Loryann’s insightful, intuitive approach combined with logical steps & self growth really impacted my life in a positi8ve lasting way. Of all the counselors I’ve seen, Loryann made the connection I had been seeking. Here’s to health & self fulfillment!" ~ SC

"I never imagined that seeking therapy could have such a positive impact on my life, but it has. My whole life is that much better. I knew it would be hard work, but you made it easier by knowing you would be there to provide support & guidance. My experience was enjoyable & I learned a great deal about myself. Loryann made it worth my effort and time. Plus she made it less daunting than I had imagined it would be. Her use of humor and her caring attitude made it easier for me to open up and actually work through issues. If I had to do it all again, I would in a heartbeat—but only with Loryann there to help with my journey." ~ MS

"Loryann is simply an amazing therapist! She is a master healer, with over 2 decades of clinical prowess. I have had the awesome pleasure of being mentored and held by her in a supportive supervision and consultation role. Loryann has the ability to get to the heart of the matter in a sincere and compassionate way. She is congruent, transparent and extremely creative. In fact, her creativity often leaves me surprised and captivated. It is no wonder that every encounter with Loryann fills me with a sense of awe, inspiration, and hope. The world is a better place and I am a better person and counselor because of the work that Loryann has committed her life to. Lucky is the client who will be touched, moved, and forever changed because of her genius and willingness to share and care." ~ Melanie Vallee, MA, LMHCA, CDPT

"Loryann’s exceptional abilities as a therapist, teacher and mentor continually inspire those who have had the opportunity to work with her. Although she has been in the field for twenty five years she has never ceased to continually examine, reach, grow and learn. In the time I have known her I have seen her challenge herself many times and all in the service of helping and supporting her clients and colleagues. It is an honor to be asked to join Loryann and the team at the Center for Couples and Family Healing." ~ Kathryn Richards, M.A., LMFTA


11417 – 124th Ave NE, Suite 204
Kirkland, Washington 98033
(425) 889-0832