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What Clients Say about Kathryn

"The EMDR technique Kathryn facilitated helped me create a new sense of peace and happiness in many areas of my life. The relationship I have with my husband is again filled with love and trust, and I look forward to each day with a renewed hope." ~ DS

"I went to visit Kathryn for severe anxiety and emotional blockages surrounding old issues from my ex-husband. Kathryn helped me so completely overcome these problems by using the EMDR method that recently, I was able to attend my son’s wedding and sit across from my ex-husband without panicking!" ~DG

"My son was having many problems in high school because of heavy marijuana use. Kathryn was very instrumental in helping me see the picture from a wider angle, which allowed me to make some hard decisions concerning my son’s health. She helped me strategize a plan which involved inpatient treatment and learning that addiction can be a family disease. It was a long road, but one that helped us grow as a family, and years later my son is not only alive but thriving!" ~ DR

"I needed help in losing weight, and Kathryn suggested we try hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy was very different from what I had imagined. I was conscious of everything she said yet deeply and profoundly relaxed in the sessions. I was able to access and touch old emotions surrounding shame and guilt about over eating and rewire these old memories so I could face life’s challenges in a healthy new way. I not only lost 20 lbs, but am learning new ways to cook and am exercising regularly." ~ CL

"I’ve experienced firsthand the healing power of Kathryn’s warmth and compassion. She is gifted with an exceptionally keen mind, impeccable heart and well-honed ability to ask the important questions." ~ DS

"Kathryn has a compassionate way about her that helps you feel at ease. She is steadfast and thorough in her clinical disposition. Together, these things make sitting with Kathryn an experience that feels like you are being seen perhaps for the first time with eyes and a heart that care and are free from judgment. Sprinkle a little humor on the mix and you have a really warm, inviting, and clinically sound experience." ~ Loryann Nichols, MS, LMFT

"Kathryn’s understanding of the human psyche has always impressed me. Her intuitive understanding of family dynamics and extended training in Hypnosis and Family Constellations makes her an extremely skilled practitioner. Moreover, Kathryn is very compassionate, gentle, creative, and professional. I trust Kathryn’s expertise and am privileged to be working with her at the Center for Couples & Family Healing, PLLC." ~ Melanie Vallee, MA, LMHCA, CDPT


11417 – 124th Ave NE, Suite 204
Kirkland, Washington 98033
(425) 889-0832