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What Clients Say about Chrysta

"Thank you for all of your listening and advice, you have really made a difference in my life."

"I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. You are non-judgmental and caring, you truly see the good in people. You have made a positive impact on me."

"Thank you for helping me learn to believe again. Having you for my therapist certainly is a gift from above."

"I’ve been in therapy many times before and for the first time, with your help, I really feel like I am finally working on myself."

"Falling in love with Chrysta is easy. The sincerity and grace with which she carries herself sprinkled with humor makes her joy to be around. She acutely identifies patterns and creatively speaks to what is going on in a practical, yet loving way that normalizes and gives permission for the client to examine their role more carefully."


11417 – 124th Ave NE, Suite 204
Kirkland, Washington 98033
(425) 889-0832