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Center for Couples

Welcome to the Center for Couples & Family Healing, PLLC

In 1991, when I began the Center for Couples and Family Healing, PLLC, my vision was to offer people the resources they need to improve the quality of relationships in their lives. Along the way, I have been humbled and awed by the work. Therapy can be an amazing experience and transformation when you have the right therapist.

So, whether you are an individual, couple, family or anywhere in between, let us be your first choice in guiding you toward a better life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy usually focuses on the interaction between the partners. Hence, interactional communication is the primary means by which we slow things down to explore the negative patterns causing relational upset. At times, our couples work also includes the work of individual therapy. Common presenting issues include sexuality, intimacy, communication, managing differences and parenting.

Family Therapy

Family therapy occurs for many reasons. It could be that a child is acting out or another family member is confronting difficult issues. Family therapy can help your family make positive changes through resolving conflicts, accessing strengths and and forming closer, more intimate relationships.

Typically, family therapy is recommended when a particular member of the family is exhibiting a behavior problem. This behavioral issue is usually seen in children or teenagers, and is often referred to as the “identified patient” or “IP” Family therapists look at how the family’s interactions and relationships are helping to create and/or sustain the behavior of the IP and work toward change in the system. They then help your family make positive changes in these relationships, resolve conflicts and increase strengths.

Depending on the needs and presenting situation, family therapy may involve all members or susbsystems (parts) within the family. Family therapy can be useful for integrating blended families, helping members through the divorce process, or when particular behavioral issues arise.

Individual Therapy

Our individual work tends toward a focus on an individual’s perspective of their relationship and the impact/affects on them personally. Common issues we work with are anxiety, depression, grief, life transition/developmental phases. This work often includes an examination of family of origin since it is our first social environment and hence formative in the shaping of our personality.

~ Loryann Nichols


What Clients Say

Falling in love with Chrysta is easy. The sincerity and grace with which she carries herself sprinkled with humor makes her joy to be around. She acutely identifies patterns and creatively speaks to what is going on in a practical, yet loving way that normalizes and gives permission for the client to examine their role more carefully.

11417 – 124th Ave NE, Suite 204
Kirkland, Washington 98033
(425) 889-0832